We want to drive a transformation of fashion from an industry and culture that  exploits our planet's resources, to one that regenerates the natural world and supports the wellbeing of all people.​

Through a groundbreaking global summit, we want to galvanise the fashion industry to reduce its impact on climate and ecological breakdown.


Fashion Act Now propose:

  • To challenge the economic systems and business models which depend on competition and growth, at odds with the needs of people and planet. 

  • To present the irrefutable science to the fashion industry and its audiences. Carbon emissions targets set by brands and governments are chronically inadequate, potentially contributing to the deaths of millions, even billions.

  • Pressure governments to pass legislation to halt exploitive practices and pollution in fashion so that the true environmental and social costs can’t be ignored. 

  • Use activists and whistleblowers to hold brands accountable to their pledges.

  • Ensure garment and supply chain workers integral to industry dialogue so that their needs are prioritised.



In 2021, realistic plans to cut fashion's environmental footprint need to be in place if we're going to keep global heating to safely below 1.5C. This is an emergency and we need a collective effort to achieve change at the speed it's needed.

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To drastically reduce the impact of the industry, we need your help.

We are raising £30,000 to help us launch our first global summit.


We refuse for this to be another talking shop. Together with experts from around the world, we will present a radical plan and code of conduct to the fashion industry. This is the beginning of holding fashion to account.

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We need active citizens to hold this toxic industry to account.

The fashion industry has marked its own homework for too long. Its time to do things differently. 

Everyone, everywhere, whether you're a concerned citizen or fashion insider, can make a difference. We can't do this without activists around the globe, ready to take action. 

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To create a roadmap for change, we need a network of experts.

We're looking for scientists, economists, trade unions, campaign groups, fashion insiders and more...


Are you an expert in a field that could help on this mission? Do you have a unique point of view that's often marginalised? Do you think radically about systemic change? 

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Fashion consumption is set to grow by an additional 63% by 2030, contributing disproportionately to climate and ecological breakdown.

We know our global population can be clothed sustainably and yet there’s no plan for change that goes far enough or fast enough.  


We need to do this differently.