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We need defashion now.

The era of Fashion - of a dominant globalised system - must end. 

It is neither relevant, nor civilised. 

Fashion normalises and depends on the belief that certain people, places and cultures are disposable for the sake of growth. Fashion sacrifices Indigenous cultures, producing more ‘workers’ and ‘consumers’. Fashion dehumanises, splitting the world into those deemed ‘fashionable’ and ‘modern’ and those who are not. 


Fashion is novelty not culture. It is not designed for meaning or need. 

It is a lie, promising belonging and worth, exploiting our insecurities in order to grow. 


Fashion is obliterating bio and cultural diversity.



Fashion Act Now is a community of activists, thinkers, practitioners, creatives, problem solvers and concerned citizens taking on the most creative brief in fashion: to decouple our clothing culture from the ideology of growth. We're asking you to join us in unplugging from Fashion and building a radical new post-fashion era based on justice.

FAN operates as a commons. We ask members who are able, to give a donation towards both FAN's running costs and to enable activists in our community on a shoestring budget to contribute their time. We want to make this community inclusive, diverse and accessible.


We look forward to welcoming you into this community.