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Fashion Act Now are working on a major project - Our Common Market, an online destination for discovering and creating real fashion culture.

Forget mass-market trends, overconsumption, and corporate profits. Here we will highlight diverse communities around the globe who are making fashion on their own terms: Vibrant, authentic and made with intention and integrity. We show fashion lovers other ways of being in this world.


Our Common Market is for the common people. 


A place for lots of small things to come together to make something big. 

Defashion education

We have participated in discussions, lectures and workshops at:


London College of Fashion,

Falmouth University,

University of Southern Denmark,

State of Fashion (Artez),

University of Indonesia,

And the following podcasts:

David Bollier's Frontiers of Commoning,

Clare Press' Wardrobe Crisis,

Elizabeth Joy's Conscious Style.


Fashion Act Now community includes educators and students that have come together to develop talks and workshops on defashion aimed at higher education, schools, fashion professionals and the wider community. 

These talks bring together our perspectives on degrowth, decolonisation and the commons and explain the rationale for defashion. Our workshops aim to equip participants to become agents for shifting the paradigm. 

If you'd like one of our talks at your workplace, educational institution, event or within your community, click below to enquire. 

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