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Flourishing, resilient communities and clothing systems that  restore our planet on which we depend 


Our Mission: Defashion by 2030

Our mission is to challenge and transform the values behind our clothing systems, acknowledging that the throughput of the fashion industry needs to be reduced by 75-95%.

Fashion Act Now urges a crisis response to dismantle the dominant globalised Fashion system predicated on growth, oppression and planned obsolescence. It calls that response Defashion, the role that Fashion must play in degrowth.

Defashion is a transition to post-fashion clothing systems that are regenerative, local, fair, nurturing and sufficient for the needs of communities.  


Dismantle the Fashion system

Key to dismantling is: 

1. Downscaling the globalised fashion system which prioritises trade and profits and promotes fashion as civility, culture, relevancy and worth.

2. Favouring local production and consumption to dismantle lengthy supply chains 

3. Eliminate sacrifice zones to honour people, places, cultures and ecosystems. They are neither disposable nor exploitable.


Seed and tend to the fashion commons

FAN aim for a thriving pluriverse of fashion cultures based on sufficiency, regeneration and fairness: 

1. A diversity of independent, local clothing systems, all equally respected.

2. Clothing created in, for and by the community, sharing humanity's abundant knowledge, skills, culture, creativity and resources. 

3. Clothing systems that are restorative for people, planet, cultures and communities.


Embed change into culture and economy

We aim for a paradigm shift in fashion that influences culture and economy. FAN would like to: 

1. Use fashion to experiment with new economies that aim for sufficiency and wellbeing

2. Create links with a federation of commons such as in food and housing. 

3. Create blueprints that others can use and follow.

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